Open your mind and explore your thoughts, to give breath to your inventions and watch them take flight
— Kaidan Whitehouse

The paper is my body, the ink is my blood, and the art is my soul. Through my art I continue to capture visions of my soul, channeling them through my mind by the gentle beating of my heart. The only thing more dangerous than scaling the cliffs of mountains, meandering through treacherous jungles, or wandering in scorching deserts is exploring the valleys of one’s own mind, the canals of one’s own heart, and the embraces of one’s own soul.


I work with pen and ink primarily for my work with fine tipped pens in either black and white or color. I also use the ink in a style relatable watercolors to create similar effects. I am an immense supporter of process in art and I feel that mistakes should be embraced and not rejected. By looking at a mistake as an opportunity, I feel it has helped me create better art and has helped me flourish. The subject matter of my work depicts deeply emotional images along with obvious and hidden symbolism in a surrealistic style. I chose this style as my emphasis because I feel that surrealism can tell a story that many other art styles may not be able to achieve. Each of my works poses emotions that could be taken in any sort of directions, and this is all dependent on how the viewer sees the work or even their own life’s views and philosophies. 


I create this art to release emotions or ideas that tell something about me and how I view the world. When an idea comes to fruition, it haunts me. Until the final pen stroke is made, the idea consumes me and by completing my work it allows me to release it. What results is a piece of art that kisses the eyes and opens the mind.