My name is Kaidan Whitehouse. My grandmother and mother always had an interest in art and they fostered their love of art to me. I always loved to draw when I was younger and found that the art room in school was a sanctuary. This sanctuary gave an empowering freedom to me to speak visually the things that my words could not even begin to express. It took me a while to really find my niche regarding my preferred medium and style. In my early years up to my Freshman year in High School, I painted in a very reserved fashion. I painted landscapes and things you could physically see. After continued education and experience, I found to enjoy Surrealism and many artists such as Dalí, Bosch and Dürer and various artists working today such as Vladimir Kush and Ernst Fuchs. During my Senior year in High School, I started to experiment with pen and ink and drew these detailed faces in similar styles to African masks. This marked the point where my art took a completely different direction. I started to draw more fantastical images in pen and ink. As I moved into college, I took my continued art knowledge and the new knowledge of philosophy transforming my art into what I do today.

I live in Green Bay, WI with my wife and son. I enjoy taking trips with my family, visiting the local zoo, or just for a relaxing hike through the woods.